Cartridge is a stitch pattern cartridge that can be used with all models of Brother PPD's and Brother knitting machines supporting stitch pattern cartridges. Cartridge is 100% compatible with Brother stitch pattern cartridges. Cartridge has a USB interface to communicate with your computer.

Cartridge can be customised to emulate one of the Brother stitch pattern cartridges mentioned below. 
The customisation is free of charge. Click on the name of a cartridge below to see which variants of the Brother stitch pattern cartridge are available. In case you want a customisation of a Brother cartridge not in our list of cartridges and you have the original Brother cartridge, we will do this for you free of charge.
You can use the USB connection of cartridge to make backup of the designs on your Cartridge and to restore backups you made earlier. With Cartridge Utility, the driver program of Cartridge, you can maintain the backup images including extracting the designs, adding new designs, etc.  

 Stitch Pattern Cartridge

 Stitch Pattern Cartridge II

 Stitch Pattern Cartridge III

 Multi Colour Cartridge

 Lace Cartridge

 Stitch Pattern Cartridge Extra's

 Design System Cartridge